Thanh Long company is based in Vietnam and is a manufacturer of pcb, pcb assembly and coil transformer throughout the world. With many year’s experience in pcb and components and many professional engineers. Our company sits itself on a HAPLINH Industrial Zone--BAC NINH CITY., BAC NINH Town . VIETNAM, where is the centre pcb manufacturing zone. With its Superiority in location, it is prompt in transporation,only 20 minute’s car driving to the Noi Bai Internation airport and 60 minute's car driving to the Hai Phong Sea port. Now, we has set up our Modernized Standard Factory with all new equipment, which is over 15000 square metes with about 300 professional staff. We have been strongly focusing on quality, cost, service, and experienced continuous growth. The factory has succeeded in passing the certification of international quality systems as ISO 9001, UL and ISO14001 environmental quality system. Best quality, lowest cost & prompt delivery are our targets to enable us to be your best partner in business. We believe that THANH LONG Electronics  will continue to grow and develop hand in hand with our valuable customers.

As the electronics world was moving towards high technology, we recognized the importance of quality, reliability and services in today’s demanding market place. We continue to upgrade our facilities and, incorporating new PCB technology to meet the future market challenges. We now have over 300 experienced skill operators and engineers. We are now producing not only single-sided but also double-sided printed circuit boards .

Thanh Long Electronics is offering not just manufacturing services but also technical advices to customers. We have become a major PCB manufacturer in Asia, serving diverse customers such as electronics appliance, communication, educational electronics, power supplies, Automation, Lighting…etc.

Thanh Long Electronics mission is to become one of leading PCB manufacturer providing high quality product with total customer satisfaction.




Providing ODM – OEM – SKD service for Tube led to customer

With the advantages of power saving, long life, beautiful light, suitable environmental protection criteria … LEDs are being used increasingly in industrial lighting, public lighting and also lighting family. Although it has been on the market for the 10 years only, the demand as well as LEDs manufacturing technology are growing in high speed not […]

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Sản xuất ODM – OEM – SKD Tube led theo thương hiệu của khách hàng

Với ưu điểm tiết kiệm điện, tuổi thọ cao, ánh sáng đẹp, phù hợp tiêu chí bảo vệ môi trường… đèn LED đang được sử dụng ngày càng nhiều trong chiếu sáng công nghiệp, chiếu sáng công cộng và cả chiếu sáng gia đình. Dù mới chỉ xuất hiện trên thị trường khoảng 10 năm […]

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Thành Long tham dự triển lãm Electronical

Triển lãm Electronical tại Munich – Cộng hòa Liên bang Đức là triển lãm diễn ra thường niên, quy tụ các doanh nghiệp hàng đầu thế giới trong ngành sản xuất điện tử, linh kiện, các thiết bị công nghệ cao. Hình ảnh: Triển lãm Electronical – Germany 2016 Công ty Cổ phần sản xuất […]

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