Thanh Long Electronic Production JSC is one of the biggest and most reputable enterprises in the field of printed circuit board PCB manufacturing, and electronic components, with large-scale factory about 12,000 m2, and over 350 workers. The company manufacturing process is met 5S standard and our products are also granted ISO 9001-2008 standard.

After more than 15 years of operating experience, the company has constantly affirmed its position, brand on the market and customer trust. Currently, besides customers in Vietnam, the company's products have been exported to many countries and regions in over the world such as Germany, Turkey, Japan, Korea, India ...

 Company’s products:

  • Manufacturing printed circuit board PCB;
  • Manufacturing and assembling PCB;
  • Manufacturing transformer, roll block, inductor, electronic bracelets transformers;
  • Manufacturing power supply, charger, cable for electronic products, consumer electronic products.

 With the aim to continue sustainable development, Thanh Long Electronic Production JSC committed to put the interests of customers and partners to the forefront, always conscientious, honest and thoughtful in the our services and products and in the process of working with partners and customers Thanh Long Electronic Production JSC will continue to assert and maintain brand pioneer in the manufacture field that we pursue.

Our Board of Director as well as all staffs/ workers of Thanh Long Electronic Production JSC would like to thank to all customers, partners who believed and support Thanh Long Electronic Production JSC during the time.

Hope the best and sustainable development for you in the future.


  1. Vision
  • Still be the leading company about production capacity, sales in the field of PCB sourcing, manufacturing, assembling, electronic circuit boards, products serving the electronic and electrical industry in general.
  • Promoting exports to traditional markets such as the Federal Republic of Germany, Japan, Korea ... Infiltrating to new International markets, with high demands on technology and quality as the US, EU ...
  • Strengthening on research and development of science, technology, and cooperation with scientific organizations, institutions in Vietnam and oversea. Improving the level, production capacity to meet the increasingly stringent requirements and rapidly changes, development of the electronics industry today.
  1. Mission
  • We endeavor to contribute to the development of the country by creation of an attractive working environment for employees and satisfied customers desire.
  • Together with Vietnamese electronic enterprises to build, develop rich and varied supporting industries.
  • Create sustainable development for future generations.
  1. Slogan
  • Always take the customer is central.
  • Continuously searching, developed to provide an optimal solution for each customer.
  • Serving customers in the spirit of honesty, responsibility, caring, thoughtful and professional style.
  • Sincere building partnerships and developing cooperation.
  • Internal sincerity, solidarity, openness, striving for the development of the company.
  • For leaders: frank, open, loyal
  • For colleagues: Sincere, solidarity and enthusiasm.
  • For the subordinate: Sheltered, tolerance, altruism.



  1. Quality policy:

With the philosophy: "QUALITY MAKES PROSPERITY"

Thanh Long Electronic Production JSC determined that:

  • All products do not meet quality standard will be not existed. Defined objectives: "To build credibility by the quality product and satisfaction."
  • Modernization of technological equipment, professionalism of staffs through management training and ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management.
  • Maintaining, conservation and development of capital, improve earnings and HR policy, enhancing the value of corporate culture.


No. of customer complain  Maximum 2 time per month
The error rate of PCB manufacturing stepDomesticSingle side <0.85%
Double side <0. 5%
Export< 6%
The error rate of Transformer manufacturing stepDomestic<2.75%
The error rate of assembling stepXuyến<2.75%

Environmental Policy






Thanh Long Electronic Production JSC undertakes:

  • Comply with the provisions of law and requirements of customers, regulations, agreements relating to the environment.
  • Continuously efforts to improve environmental protection goals.
  • Energy saving.
  • Promote training staff to improve ability and awareness to protect the environment.
  • Commit all products are manufactured at Thanh Long Electronic Production JSC do not contain any prohibited substances.


  • Environmental monitoring, to meet 100% regulations of the law, national regulations in the field of environment as requirement.
  • Comply with regulations 100%, do not use banned substances in the production as regulations of State, customers and the Company for all raw materials and chemicals in production capacity.
  • 100% rubbishes are sorted and put into a separate area where are available for the treatment as prescribed.
  • Save energy, control the use of electric energy, gas, water...


1Type of board1 layer
2 layer
2Manufature volume200.000 sqm/ month
3Maximum size of board1200x350mm
4Board thickness0.8 - 2mm
5Board flatness tolerance0.4mm
6Minimum hole size0.15mm
7Driller via size0.3mm
8STM pitch0.3mm
9Board finishesBare cooper, flux, OSP
10Solder maskDong yang, Seoul Chemical
11Material typeFR-1, FR-4, CEM1, CEM3, Aluminium
12Controlled impedanceÝes
13Cooper thickness0.5 – 2 Oz
14Minimum  Dielectric thicknees0.1mm
15Testing capability450x600mm, 7 mil pitch
16Certificate facility descriptionISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001-2004, RoHS, UL
  • Transformer manufacturing capabilities
1Type of transformerPower, current, step-up, step-down, flyback, inductor
2Maximum Capacity1000.000 per month
3ComponentBobbin, wire, ferrit core, impregnation, insulation
4Transformer sizeEE13 to EE30, EPC, EED, EER, EI, EFD
5VA rating0.5-6VA
6Seconary vatage rating10v-36v
7ConfigurationSeries parallel
8Vol AmpsUp to 600rms
9Test equipmentGauss meter, Ohm meter, hipot tester, leak tester
11Secondary serviceDesign and Engineering, transfer molding, injection molding, impregnation, encapsulating, Ultrasonic, wellding
12Industry forcusComputer, charge, adapter, lighting equipment, solar ennergy
13File formatAutocad
14Certificate facility descriptionISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001-2004, RoHS, UL



Công ty Cổ phần Sản xuất Điện tử Thành Long luôn tâm niệm: Công nghệ là trái tim của ngành sản xuất. Kể từ ngày thành lập, Công ty đã đầu tư hàng trăm tỷ đồng cho các dây chuyền sản xuất, nâng cao chất lượng sản phẩm, nâng cao năng suất, giảm giá thành sản phẩm.

Nhà máy sản xuất rộng 10.000 m2 được phân khu chi tiết và vận hành theo tiêu chuẩn ISO 9001-2008, máy móc được trang bị cho mọi hoạt động sản xuất mạch in PCB, lắp ráp bo mạch điện tử, transformer, cuộn chặn… Trang thiết bị với công nghệ tiên tiến nhất mang lại chất lượng tối ưu cho sản phẩm và thỏa mãn mọi yêu cầu kỹ thuật khắt khe của khách hàng.

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