1-layer printed circuit board

Quay lại



Layer Counts 1 & 2 layers,Aluminum PCB
Maximum unit size
Minimum unit size
550mm x 650mm
5.0mm x 5.0mm
Base Material XPC, FR-1, FR-2, FR-4, CEM-1, CEM-3, Aluminum
Major Laminate Supplier ShengYi, Kingboard, Changchun, Nanya, Dosan, Goldenmax
Board Thickness Paper Phenolic/CEM-1: 0.8 ~ 1.60mm
CEM-3/FR-4: 0.6 ~ 2.0mm
Finished Copper Thickness 0.5 ~ 2oz. (18 ~ 70um)
Type of Finishing Entek Coating (OSP), Immersion Gold, Immersion Tin
Lead Free HASL
Drill & Route CNC Machine
Min. Hole Size CNC Drill Type: 0.20mm (8mil)
Punched Type: 0.80mm (32mil)
Hoe Size Tolerance CNC Drill Type: +/-0.075mm (3mil)
Punched Type: +/-0.10mm (4mil)
Imaging Transfer Screen Printing & Dry Film
Min. Line Width & Spacing Screen Printing: 0.2mm (8mil)
Dry Film: 0.10mm (4mil)
Solder Mask UV Cure, Thermal Cure & LPI
Min. Solder Mask Clearance UV & Thermal Cure: 0.15mm (6mil)
LPI: 0.075mm (3mil)
Min. Annular Ring UV & Thermal Cure: 0.15mm (6mil)
LPI: 0.075mm (3mil)
Extra Print Solder Mask Plug Hole
Peelable Solder Mask
Carbon Ink (inc. High Resistance)
Profile and V-cut CNC Routing, Punching, V-cut, Beveling