2-layer printed circuit board

Quay lại



Technology Capacity
Type of PCB Double PCB Yes
Board thickness Min. Thickness 0.6mm
Max. Thickness 3.2mm
Panel size Min. Panel size 100mm * 70mm
Max. Panel size 610mm * 800mm
Min. Trace/Spacing Min. Trace 0.127mm
Min. Spacing 0.127mm
Copper thickness 0.5 OZ Yes
1.0 OZ Yes
2.0 OZ Yes
3.0 OZ Yes
Drill capacity Min. drill hole 0.2 mm
Max. drill hole 6.3 mm
Tolerance  of drill hole 0.0075mm
V cut angle 30– 45o
V cut depth As required
Pouching Pouching Yes
Sơn phủ
Solder mask
Min. PAD size 0.1mm
Min. PAD thickness 18μm
Surface finishing Resin coasting Yes
Mạ OSP Yes
HALS Lead free Yes
Gold plating Yes
dimensions tolerance PCB size Tolerance 0,02mm
E Test E- test Yes
Lead time Double side PCB 3-7 days
Main materials FR-1, FR-4, CEM-1, CEM-3, Alu CCL Yes
Material Manufacturer KB (kingboard), L (CCP), Shengyi, Nanya or as customer’s requirements Yes
Solder mask color Green, White, Black, Blue, Red Yes
Legend ink color Green, White, Black, Blue, Red Yes
Manufacturer of Ink Taiyo or as customer’s requirements Yes
Production method CNC drilling Yes
Pounching Yes
Production capacity Hàng hai mặt
Double side PCB
5.000 m2/tháng
Quality System and Certificates IPC-600, 6012, Class II and III
ISO 9001:2008
ISO 14001:2008