Providing ODM – OEM – SKD service for Tube led to customer

With the advantages of power saving, long life, beautiful light, suitable environmental protection criteria … LEDs are being used increasingly in industrial lighting, public lighting and also lighting family.

Although it has been on the market for the 10 years only, the demand as well as LEDs manufacturing technology are growing in high speed not only in Vietnam but in the global market in general.

 Picture 1: Tube Led manufacturing process

However, in order to produce a high quality Led flash product, it is necessary to invest more about finance, facilities and equipment as well as R&D (design, research and testing of products).

In Vietnam, there are only a few companies which have enough ability to invest in LEDs research and production. In addition, demand market is not enough for companies to invest in finance, human resources for direct production.

Picture 1: Thanh Long’s Led Tube assembly line

In Vietnam, there are many Led brands, according to preliminary statistics up to 400 different LED brands. However, manufacturer is not much, most of LED lights on the market come from China, which be imported, labeled and then sold on the market.

Importing LEDs from China is very easy with many types and cheap price. However, importing Chinese LEDs has many potential risks in term of unstable quality, high transportation costs, goods traveling long distances, loading and unloading many time, it is easy to break. Warranty, after-sales services are not good, the manufacturer’s responsibility is not high.

Catching the real demand of the market as well as the aspirations of some main customers of Thanh Long who manufactured lamp, Thanh Long Electronics has provided OEM, ODM service for LED to manufactures.

Picture 3: Design product as customer’s requirements

With more than 10 years’ experience in the field of lighting as well as providing consulting services, design, manufacture PCB, LED components, Led Driver, Inductor, Led Screw for large customers in Vietnam as well as in the world, Thanh Long Electronics has become the leading company in Vietnam in the field of producing Led bulbs and components for lighting industry.

The most modern Equipment, production lines in Vietnam and highly quality experts, technicians, R & D team are the firm foundation for Thanh Long Electronics become a leading enterprise lighting LED new technology. Thanh Long Electronics takes full initiative in all aspects of research, design, production of LED PCB, LED PCB Driver, Block Screw, Filter Screw in Led Lamps for complete assembly, inspection and self-packing.

Video: Tube Led manufacturing process with high technology of Thanh Long

With the aim to creat high quality, bright, durable and environmentally friendly LED lamps, Thanh Long Electronics is constantly striving to research and develop new products, satisfy with hardly requirements of the market along with the rapid change of construction, architecture, interior area…

Pciture: SMT chip Led, driver led line


Thanh Long Electronics is always committed to doing our best to respond the customer’s belief and be confirmed that Thanh Long Electronics’ products are always the first choice for customers.

Picture: The modernest automatic PCB production line for LED in Vietnam

 Picture: Transformer, coils for LED production line of Thanh Long Electronics

Picture: T8 led lighting assembly line

Picture: Tube Led Lighting Aging line

Picture: Spectroradiometer LED Testing

Picture: T8 Glass tube glue dispensing line

The 10,000 square meter factory is detailed separated and operated in accordance with ISO 9001-2008, machinery is equipped for all PCB manufacturing activities, electronic board assembly, transformer, coil blocking … Equipment with the most advanced technology to bring optimum quality to the product and meet the strict technical requirements of customers.

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